Why is it…

July 27, 2007

That when I search Google for the CNN bumper, I get a slew of semi-pornographic videos?


My Question is….

July 15, 2007

When did Sam Elliott go from being a bit TV player and B-Movie badass to a acting in A-list Hollywood movies?  I want to say The Big Lebowski was the tipping point.

Quote of Today

July 13, 2007

“Now, I’ve always thought being unserious as a human being is a virtue, and I hope that my future wife is extremely unserious: either extremely unserious or seriously crazy, which would also work.”

~Reihan Salam

Gratuitious Neko

July 11, 2007

Because I love my readers, and feel I should share. In the first clip, she wears a blonde wig. In the second she decries boys in girls’ pants. In both she is wonderful.