Is it just me…

July 27, 2007

Or is Julian Tavarez more effective when he is competing for a starting spot? At the beginning of the season, when we thought that Lester might come up any day now, he was excellent. Then, when his roster spot was assured over the past month or so, he was dreadful. Tonight, pitching out of the bullpen after Gabbard’s collapse, he has thus far been lights out.

That paragraph was written at the beginning of the seventh inning, before Tavarez imploded.  Which only make me more superstitious than I used to be.


I don’t buy greatest hits compilations either..

July 10, 2007

In honor of the All-Star break I thought I’d write something on the Midsummer Classic.  I don’t watch the All-Star game.  I never really have.  Frankly, I think that it is an anachronism.   Before ESPN, MLB.TV, and interleague play, it was an opportunity for people to see players that they couldn’t see on a regular basis.  Had I grown up in the ‘60s, I’m sure I would have loved to see all of the fantastic National League players that I’d have been missing, living in my parochial American League bubble, but let’s face it, that is simply not that case anymore.  Today the All-Star game is a silly waste of time.  It doesn’t feel like real baseball at all.  I say get rid of it.

Posnanski on Bonds

July 5, 2007

He says (scroll down):

“Thoughts: Barry Bonds is 42 years old. He’s beat up. He’s disliked. He’s got intense pressures weighing on him every day. If most of us think he was taking steroids and other performance enhancing drugs before, I’d say most of us also think he probably isn’t taking the stuff now. There’s too much heat now.

And yet Barry Bonds, RIGHT NOW, is having one of the greatest offensive seasons in baseball history. It’s amazing. He’s been so good the last few years, so unbelievably good (using all meanings of the word “unbelievably”), he has set such absurd standards, that I’ve actually read stories saying that Bonds is having some sort of off-year.”

He then goes on to prove it. Read the whole thing. Then read what he has to say about Griffy. While you’re at it, read his post on Dotel and Beltre. There’s nobody out there who writes about baseball better than Posnanski these days.